Buy 2 Kerastase Products, Get a Free Thermique Promo Details

Offer valid in-store and online.

Buy any 2 full-sized Kerastase products to receive a FREE full-sized thermique of your choice! While shopping online, the promotion will automatically apply once you have 2 Kerastase items plus one of the eligible thermiques in your cart. 

Pick from the following eligible heat protectants:

  • Genesis Defense Thermique
  • L'incroyable Blowdry Lotion
  • Resistance Ciment Thermique
  • Discipline Keratine Thermique
  • Blond Absolu Cicplasme
  • Nutritive Nectar Thermique
  • Nutritive Lotion Thermique Sublimatrice
  • Resistance Extentioniste Thermique
  • Chronologiste Thermique Régénerant
  • Chroma Aboslu Serum Chroma Thermique